6 Best and Free WordPress Cache Plugin list in 2017

In all things that concern a website, it is the upload speed that matters the most. Now, the use of a WordPress Cache plugin is indeed important for a WordPress blog. With a slow website, it will only lead you to potentially losing more in your Google ranking. If a particular user views and enters a web and it just takes too long for it to load, he or she will then enter into another page.

Below are the six best and free WordPress Cache Plugin list in 2017 for you to ever consider:

This is by far the easiest and most popular tool to use. In fact, it is just easy for you to start using it even among novice users. When it has already been activated, you are only required to go to the Settings > WP Super Cache. It actually generates the so-called static “HTML” files from the WordPress blog. Once when the HTML file has been generated, the web server will now serve the file than process the expensive and heavy WordPress PHP scripts.

Right through the advanced tab, there are lots of options for you to consider and for you to be able to configure as compression.

Introduced to be one of the most popular free plugins, W3 Total Cache is utilized by major companies and developers such as AT&T. This helps improve the experience of users via different methods.

As per the most updated version of the plugin, it supports the integration of Cloudflare. The download time is further reduced; the server performance is improved while the CDN is fully integrated.

This promises speed without compromise. This only means to say that this plug-in is very simple and easy to configure and install. This is especially when you cache on your website and improve its response time.

This is an easy and simply to configure plug-in intended for novice WordPress users. This has its options and this comes with an intuitive plug-in cache. Nevertheless, it is not as complex as you think it could be. It also lets you optimize the web.

This is a WordPress Cache Plugin that reduces the loading page of the server and increases the speed of a website. Even though this is not specifically known for giving excellent results, thinking of moving into it is the best. This is also easy for you to do and to configure.

Among its excellent features include managing the periods wherein the site will receive a heavier traffic, choosing storage engines like SQLite, Memcache and File system.

This is introduced to be a simple and advanced WordPress Cache Plugin. This can just speed up the site that meets your satisfaction. One impressive thing about it is that it lets you take a real-time snapshot of each post, page, link, category and more. The processing time is also saved that usually drags your site down and costs you more money.