Premium vs Free WordPress Themes

Premium or Free WordPress Themes: What should you choose from? Choosing a WordPress Themes is not an easy task, especially there are already many premium WordPress Theme and free WordPress theme available in the market.

How will you select the right one? Furthermore, are you going to choose the free WordPress themes or purchase a premium theme?

Why Premium is Better than the Free WordPress Theme 

Free WordPress Theme is not bad. In fact, bloggers who wanted to start their WordPress blogs can find several good free WordPress themes in WordPress themes directory.

However, one of the main problems is when it comes with updates. A lot of theme developers released the base version in free theme directory and use this in order to make sales of “pro” version.

So, it is best recommended to choose premium WordPress theme, instead of consuming your time in fixing problems when it comes to updates of your theme. The WordPress theme plays an important role in your overall site.

In free WordPress theme, you can find structural bugs, hardly offer built-in SEO option. One of the good things about premium WordPress themes is that, you will not only have SEO optimized WordPress site, but also offer clean codes for fast loading.