WordPress Widget 101 – Which Widgets to go for?

While you spend most of your time as a blogger on the main content  of your website, wiring and perfecting your blog posts, you should ignore the sidebar area as they are pretty important as well.

From different ways of monetizing  your blog, letting your visitors know about other blog posts you have to offer and adding them to your mailing list.

WordPress had made the designing and planning of sidebars to be a very easy process due to the helpful widgets. in sidebar widget you can simply drag and drop any different feature your heart desire and to do so easily with not much fuss.

In latest post – wpexplorer.com had came up with an a blog post just about that, helping you figuring out exactly what should go on this important real estate of your website.

here are some key points from the article:

Sidebars are important areas on your website that can often be overlooked or not used effectively. Designed correctly, your sidebars can help provide a great user experience, promote your business, generate leads, and help you increase your revenue.

It’s important that you use every space of your sidebars to help your site convert against its goals. Therefore, the widgets you use in your sidebars should be directly related to the aims of your site.

The order of your widgets is also important. The widgets linked to your most important goals should be given prominent positions at the top of a sidebar. Lower ranking goal focussed widgets should be pushed further down the page.

Make sure you don’t overload or clutter your sidebars. Get this wrong and you could end up losing visitors or at least confusing them. Think carefully about what you will add to your sidebar. Always make sure there is a reason behind each widget you’ve chosen.

This are all great points. before placing widgets on your sidebar you need to sit and think with yourself – what exactly is the purpose of this widget? Do i want to make money with it? or simply keep the visitor on my site moving on to other blog posts.

Another key point is not to over do it. remember that the content itself is the main thing and the sidebar is just that – a sidebar. so don’t over do it and don’t make it too flashy.

read more at wpexplorer.com